view of the laboratory background
Biomechanics Laboratory Helps Athletes and Seniors
Faculty of Health Studies
This laboratory, specializing in human motion, is available to the Faculty of Health Studies at UJEP. There are very few similar facilities in the Czech Republic.

The coach draws up a plan for his sports charges…

Doctors, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists examine the condition of the patient’s musculoskeletal system before and after therapeutic or medical intervention…

A senior identifies the degree of stability of his gait…

For such cases, and many more, the Ústí University has available a unique laboratory for biomechanics studies which is located on the premises of the Faculty of Health Studies.

The two meter pressure plate Footscan is also suitable for rehabilitation, the medical supervision of athletes, or for measuring balance.

The laboratory is equipped with numerous modern devices. One of them is also the pressure measurment plate Footscan, within which there are thousands of tiny pressure sensors. “The Footscan plate measures the pressure of the foot and its parts on a pad. From this analysis it is possible to identify the level of flat-footedness and on the basis of this to recommend an ideal shoe insert,” explains physiotherapist and laboratory supervisor Marek Jelínek. The Footscan plate is also suitable for rehabilitation, the medical supervision of athletes, or for measuring balance.
Besides the two meter pressure plate the laboratory also contains other technological equipment. The Qualisys special camera system for 3D cinematic analysis records high quality data about objects that are measured, especially information regarding trajectory, velocity, acceleration, and angular characteristics.
The Biomonitor ME6000 also serves the function of measuring action potentials. It is a widely used method of electromyography which detects the electrical activity of skeletal muscles during contraction. The method is used for the monitoring of the interplay of muscles and their involvement in activity during various kinds of movement. The collection of electromyographic and physiological signals can be provided with wireless technology, WiFi, on up to 16 channels simultaneously.
The laboratory also offers the power plate Kistler, which examines the stability of a person during static or dynamic activities.
There are not many such laboratories within the Czech Republic. The acquisition of this kind of equipment is expensive and, moreover, few people know how to handle such equipment.

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