Historians know how to do it or how burlesque and hyperbole can help
Faculty of Philosophy
Have you seen all the burlesque videos? No? So don't forget to view them after reading the article. You can find them below.

“We wanted to approach the subjects of nationalism and racism for secondary school students in a fresh, even punk, form.” So say our historians about the non-traditional series of educational films they worked on for 3 years.

Six educational film burlesques complement the historical audio
recordings and unique archival materials.

The serious themes of patriotism, nationalism, racism, or nationhood in the history of the Czech lands were conceived with humor and hyperbole. The result is six educational film burlesques which complement the historical audio recordings and unique archival materials. Jiří Maryško, an actor and comedian from the Ústí Činoherní Studio, took on the main role of guide, and he is also a co-author of the scripts.
The educational films are complemented by a methodological guide on how to work with this fresh form of historical presentation, a guide which was supported by secondary school seminars in which 150 students and 15 teachers participated.
The project, Patriotism, Nationalism, and Nationhood in the Czech Lands was prepared by the Institute of Slavic-Germanic Studies at the Philosophical Faculty of UJEP. The Department of History and the Department of Political Science and Philosophy at the Philosophical Faculty, UJEP, also had a significant share in the project, as well as experts from outside UJEP, and from the Ústí nad Labem Municipal Museum.



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