Denisa Canincová a Zuzana Urbanová
Faculty of Health Studies
Lecturers Denisa and Zuzana, during their studies in the field of Midwifery at the Faculty of Health Studies, UJEP, prepared pre-natal courses for expectant mothers and their family members. They addressed a wide range of sponsors who were willing to take part in the organization, combined the theory and practice they obtained from school, and beginning in 2014 they began to regularly give courses. Expectant parents are educated in all aspects of future motherhood - pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Graduates of the courses then have a unique chance to rehearse many techniques and activities in rough form under expert guidance from the lecturers and with the utilization of training models. Current courses are still ongoing and among the expectant mothers they are becoming even more popular.

Zuzana Urbanová replies to the questions

Why did you decide to organize these pre-natal courses?

In Ústí there is a huge lack of both pre-natal training and exercises for those who are pregnant. The first idea that Denisa and I had was on Erasmus in Prešov, where we went for pre-natal training. It really captured our interest then and we wanted to dedicate ourselves to it after we returned to the Czech Republic. Mgr. Lamplotová asked us about it independently and wondered whether we would like to lead these courses at the faculty. Without any hesitation we literally jumped at the chance.

“Even fathers have to know how to bathe or change the baby.”

How exactly does such a pre-natal course go?

A well-tuned little group of six mothers meets with us for five lectures. Each lecture is focused on a specific module. We begin with the third trimester, continue through the process of birth, breastfeeding and care for the baby, and then to the correct method of handling a newborn.

Do fathers also participate in the courses?

Yes, of course. After all, it’s their baby too, and they also have to know how to bathe or change it.

What kind of feedback do you have on the courses?

I know that self-praise stinks, but I must say that it is very good.

What do you think about home birth?

I find it to be irresponsible and a risk to the lives of the woman and the child. One never knows what might happen in the process of home birth.

Why exactly should future mothers register for your courses?

First of all, so that they won’t be startled when something pinches them in the belly sometime. We discuss with them what to expect in the third trimester so that they won’t be unnecessarily worried that something is wrong. It is equally important to know when to set out for the hospital, how to get information about childbirth, how it works at the hospital, what to take with them, what aids are available in their first period of labor, or for example, how to breathe properly during contractions. I think that mothers feel much more confident when they have at least some idea of what to expect that is unavoidable.

What are you working on currently?

We are trying to start up a new project connected with breastfeeding. Some kind of lactation counseling. Allow yourself to be surprised.For more information on the courses: www.predporodni-kurz0.webnode.cz

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