Anna Marešová
Faculty of Art and Design
The successful designer and doctoral student of FUD UJEP, Mgr. Anna Marešová, is celebrating the success of her work with us and also abroad. She studied Product Design at FUD and at the University of Derby in England. Her bachelor's thesis, "Tram for Prague," highlighted contemporary issues in Prague tram transport and offered a comprehensive proposal for a tram car which, by its design, would be convenient to both users and operators of public transport in Prague. For her work she was awarded an Excellent Student Design prize by the National Technical Museum, and the main student prize at the biennial at Ljubljana BIO 22. Again she focused on the intimate life of women in her master's thesis. She presented a series of sex toys, called Whoop De Doo, including Venus balls, a vibrator, and a vibrator egg, and thus broke societal taboos on the issue of using sex toys. For her work she was awarded a National Prize for Student Design. After her study successes and her unusual creative career as an assistant to an American magician, in 2012 Anna established her own studio, and a year later the brand Whoop De Doo. She has also worked as a producer at Summer Shakespeare Festivals and as a representative of the group Tata Bojs. Anna has remained faithful to the Ústí university. She is currently in doctoral studies in the field of Visual Communication at FUD.

This year you received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award at the competition in Essen, Germany. The jury awarded you the 2016 Red Dot Prize for the new Whoop De Doo vibrator, with which you defeated the competition represented by 5200 other products from around the world. What do you say about winning this award?

Understandably, I’m very happy about it. Companies get a Red Dot for unique products, not only from the perspective of design, but also of function and production. So I see it as a double award because I’m not only the designer, but I also take care of production. They give awards every year and there are always more awards. I take it as this product’s seal of quality.

“I’m planning more intimate toys for women.”

How long have you been involved with designs for sex toys and what’s the current outlook on them?

I calculated it recently and it has already been five years. In 2011, I defended the proposal as my master’s thesis and now it’s quite funny that I’m still involved with it. I certainly didn’t plan on it. But I’m glad that I’ve managed to build a well-known brand. Now it takes up a lot of time looking after the company, but I’m planning even more intimate toys for women.

Where can you buy sex toys, and which exactly have you designed?

You can buy them at our e-shop www.whoopdedoo.cz. We offer Venus balls, which we have in two colors and various sizes, two vibrator eggs and, of course, a new vibrator. It has a simple anatomic shape within which is hidden very sophisticated mechanics, and it’s completely embedded in medical grade silicone. Although the vibrator has three motors, it stays naturally flexible. Because of the large interest in it customers have to wait at least two or three months. This year I also want to create a heavier version of the Venus balls.

And what else have you designed other than the sex toys?

Besides trams for Prague, last year some colleagues and I also created a collection of lamps from discarded laboratory glass as part of doctoral studies at FUD. I named it Luxury Oddments.

How are your studies going?

This year I have to hand in my dissertation on the topic of sustainable design. I mention sex toys in the dissertation more in terms of production. I’m looking forward to having it behind me. It’s really crazy around this time.

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