Adriana Semerádová
Faculty of Production Technology and Management
Ing. Adriana Semerádová majored in Production Preparation and Management at FVTM UJEP. In the year 2015 she received a scholarship from the mayor of the city district Ústí nad Labem - Severní Terasa for her thesis which was concerned with problems in the flow of production specific to foundry production, the optimalization of this process, technological design, and spatial studies. She elaborated this theme in relation to the specific conditions of a German company producing automobile parts, KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a.s., for which she created recommendations on the flow of materials and its optimalization through the construction of a new production hall in order to achieve a reduction in production costs. Currently, she is in the first year of doctoral studies in the Engineering Technology program at FVTM.

In your thesis you were concerned with the theme of making recommendations on the flow of materials and the optimalization of this process through the construction of a new production hall for the company KS Kolbenschmidt CZ in order to achieve a reduction in production costs. Can you briefly explain what your thesis deals with?

I can only slightly outline it because I signed a confidentiality agreement. The KS Kolbenschmidt CZ company was building a new contruction hall and related to that were new material flows which were necessary to conceive in a way that would make sense and, of course, be effective. I suggested a few variants to the company, which I justified, and I chose the most advantageous of them. The company will eventually see a return on their relatively large financial investment on which they can, hopefully, capitalize. I was very much inspired by the automobile plant Škoda Mladá Boleslav where I had the honor to visit the logistics department.

“FVTM is like a small family and we are in close contact with the academic staff. That suits me.”

So you gathered experience at Škoda that you then applied to your own work?

Yes, exactly. That plant uses, for example, CEI Trucks – automatic logistics tow trucks. They are vehicles that transport material in whatever condition from place A to place B without an operator. It’s enough to just program them and the vehicles move around the production halls independently. So I tried to apply this modern technology directly at the KS Kolbenschmidt CZ firm.

How did you actually get interested in a subject related to the automobile industry? Isn’t it more of a man’s turf?

Study at the faculty is somehow closely connected with the automobile industry. So for me it was more or less a clear choice. I had worked before with the company KS Kolbenschmidt CZ on my bachelor’s thesis and also within the framework of an internship. I was glad that they also allowed me to cooperate with them on my graduate thesis. I already knew the firm a little and so for me it was easier. Regarding men’s and women’s work, I would dare to say that in our field it is not much divided. Yes, in this branch there are perhaps more men, but we women aren’t any worse. Maybe we’re even better… (laughter)

Currently you are a student in your first year of doctoral studies in the Engineering Technology program. What are you specifically working on and what will be the topic of your dissertation?

At the moment I am studying and preparing for exams connected with doctoral studies. My work is filled with writing critical research. I must say that this gives me perhaps the most difficulty. The topic of my dissertation is “A Draft Methodology for Designing Complex Production Including Logistics.” I want to deal with this topic for one simple reason, because while working on my graduate thesis I had a lack of materials from which I could draw. So I am going to try to create a book or a brochure for firms that want to build new production halls in order to look and see what they specifically need and which steps are important to them.

Why did you choose to study at UJEP?

To tell the truth, I was trying to decide between ČVUT in Prague and TU in Liberec, but I was absolutely not captivated by their Open Door Days. I chose my home university in Ústí nad Labem – simply because it was the nearest, and what’s more, our faculty (FVTM) is like a small family. We have been in close contact with our academic staff, and for us students, I think, that suits us very well.

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